2024 Hurricane Season - Emergency Guidelines 

St. Johns County Emergency Management

The St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management is responsible for the Disaster Preparedenss of our County and the Evacuation Assistance Program for our citizens who need assistance in the event of an evacuation.

For more information, please visit, www.sjcemergencymanagment.org

2024 Emergency Letter.pdf 2024 Emergency Letter.pdf
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2024 FSR Hurricane Guide.pdf 2024 FSR Hurricane Guide.pdf
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St. Johns Pet Friendly Shelter Publication.pdf St. Johns Pet Friendly Shelter Publication.pdf
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Be informed. Be Prepared. Make a Plan.


 Animal Welfare Websites

Listed below are just a few of the available websites dedicated to the well being of animals. Take time to visit these sites and the additional sites they link to. There are vast amounts of animal related information at your disposal online.

  1. ASPCA - Poison Control Center
    The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center is a unique, emergency hotline providing 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week telephone assistance to veterinarians and animal owners.
  2. The Humane Society of the United States
    The Humane Society of the United States makes a difference in the lives of animals here at home and worldwide. The HSUS is dedicated to creating a world where our relationship with animals is guided by compassion.
  3. ASPCA - The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals exists to promote humane principles, prevent cruelty and alleviate fear, pain and suffering in animals.


 NOAA Weather Radio

The Voice of the National Weather Service

NOAA Weather Radio is the National Weather Service's direct link to the public. This Nationwide network of radio stations broadcasts continuous weather information 24-hours a day. The broadcast includes severe weather watches and warnings; as well as routine forecasts, current conditions, and climatology. An additional feature, the Specific Area Message Encoder has been added so that weather radios can be programmed to warn only for specific locations. NOAA Weather Radio is your direct link to the NWS for hazardous weather information.

A new NOAA Weather Transmitter has been installed in Palatka to provide better coverage for Southern St. Johns County. The new frequency is 162.425 mhz. The weather information is from the National Weather Service Office in Jacksonville. NOAA Weather Radio transmits marine forecasts, severe thunderstorms, tornado information and hurricane watches and warnings.

If you are located South of International Golf Parkway, please change the frequency on your NOAA Weather Radio from 162.550 mhz to the new frequency 162.425 mhz to receive a stronger signal. If you are located North of International Golf Parkway, no change is needed.